Eek! PLUS uses men to clean women’s toilets

Ladies should be cautious while venturing into the latrines at North-South Expressway (PLUS) rest stops.

Basically at one of these stops, there is a sign admonition them of male cleaners in the ladies’ bathroom, yet they will not see it until they step in.

Many are presently left asking why PLUS would permit this in a moderate society like Malaysia, regardless of whether it is shy of laborers.

A driver who declined to be named said she was stunned to see a man sitting on the seat at the entry of a ladies’ latrine, something she had never found in all of her significant distance goes in the country.

“Envision my shock when I saw the billboard inside,” she told FMT. “I was awkward constantly, paying special mind to secret cameras or somebody sliding a handphone beneath the entryway.”

She said she would have left after seeing the man in the event that she had not been in urgency to utilize the latrine.

“The least they ought to have done was put the admonition sign external the latrine,” she added.

Another driver, calling herself Faridah, said she ran out subsequent to seeing the sign.

“I can comprehend that the female cleaners are basically transient laborers and many might have returned to their nations,” she said.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has made the specialists freeze the admission of unfamiliar laborers.

“Yet, the least they might have done was set up a billboard saying the latrine would be shut for 15 minutes to permit the male cleaners to follow through with their task.”

Both the drivers said a multi-billion-ringgit interstate concessionaire ought to be making a special effort to get female cleaners, considering the immense benefits it was making.

“I’m certain assuming you pay a good compensation for this filthy, perilous and troublesome work, numerous Malaysians will readily accomplish the work,” Faridah said.

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